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Q and A: Talent is being wasted. Can we give teachers on administrative leave other jobs?

Each day this week we will post one question and answer from last week’s SNAPPS town hall meeting between superintendent Davis and members of the community.

Question:  I want you to know that everyone is not cheating. All that talent is being wasted. Why can’t we put them in a library?

Davis’ Answer: “Let me make this clear. We are talking about 178 out of 3,000+ teachers and principals. Teachers are hurt because they’ve been tarred and feathered as a group. There will be a time for us to get the good story out about APS, and we do have a good story to tell: test scores are increasing, and the performance gap is closing in some areas.

In order to be ready for the first day of school, our major focus was to hire teachers and find substitute teachers.  Now, we will look at where those on administrative leave can work.  40+ people resigned, so there are about 126 individuals left.  They are on administrative leave.  It is true that there may be some very fine people who were implicated.  It was not I who implicated them, but I made the judgment.”

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