VANS Sponsors a Street Art Mural at Grady High School


Grady was 1 out of 10 high schools in America to receive a $2,000 Custom Culture Grant by VANS to create a street art inspired mural on campus. This street art will be a student-driven project led by John Brandhorst, Department Chair of Fine & Performing Arts at Grady.

Brandhorst will collaborate with local professional artists for their expertise, techniques and consultation. Several of the professional artists include:

  • Jessica Caldas, Grady High School Alumni/Artist
  • Beth Malone, Director at High Museum/Director of Public Arts for Office of Cultural Affairs
  • Jeff Mather, Director of APAL
  • Jay Wiggins, Artist

The street art will be politically relevant, colorful, exciting, edgy, and appropriate for a high school campus. The theme, color scheme, and location of the mural are not yet determined.

“We are thrilled to work directly with the VANS Corporation and Americans for the Arts,” says John Brandhorst. “This is an opportunity for us to exist with our visual art program here at Grady at the highest possible levels.“

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