3 Years of Proposed APS Calendars Released for Community Input: 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17

Proposed APS Calendars
2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17
Proposed Traditional Calendars – click on the blue links below to see detailed PDF documents


Option A

Option B

2014-15 – Similar to the current 2013-14 school calendar
– Midweek start on Wednesday

– Students have two-day breaks in October and February
– Start on first Monday in

– Students have 3 day
breaks in Oct and Feb
2015-16 – Midweek start on Wednesday

– Students have three-day breaks in October and February
– Start on first Monday in AugustStudents have 5 day
breaks in Oct and Feb
2016-17 – Midweek start on Wednesday

– Students have three-day breaks in October and February
– Start on first Monday in August
Students have 5 day
breaks in Oct and Feb
Questions may be directed to Rebecca Kaye in the district’s Policy Office, at:
telephone: 404.802.2897


Add Yours
  1. Mrs. Geno Thomas

    Why can’t school start on Sept, 2, 2014 after Labor Day to give every parent, student, and employees enough time to relax and eager to come to school and work without all those breaks in between. It would be better for every one who are planning vacation trips and kids who have to attend summer school will be able to regroup themselves for school. It would have less fights on the buses and at school too because everyone would be relax and ready for the school year. Please consider this commet. Thand You Mrs. G. Thomas

  2. Ramon Montgomery

    I do not like either. I would prefer that they start back in mid-August, but from the options I prefer option B for all the school years.

  3. Cynthia Hairston

    I agree with Mr Montgomerly and with Ms Thomas a later start time would be better especially if your child has to go to summer school. But I do not like either but I chose option A. You have to have some time to reconnect with your children before they are back in school.

  4. Minister Johnson

    I would not select either one but Option B if no other option is available. I agree with school starting in September. It gives schools a better opportunity to plan for our children and we as parents quality time to spend with our children which is cut short by the current calendar. If the district wants to provide additional instruction for our children during the summer, then offer the option as alternative(Tutoring, Summer Enrichment, Virtual School etc..) to parents at a small cost or free.

  5. JC

    I agree with others, school starts too early in August. Mid-august would be preferred. Why so many breaks? Start school later, get rid of so many breaks

  6. Suzanna Ahmed

    I prefer option B. I love an early start with more frequent breaks. I wish APS would adopt a year round calendar. By July, a lot of kids are bored—-not everyone has wall to wall camps and activities. The longer they are out, they more they forget and the more time teachers have to spend reviewing what they should already know. Also, long semesters with no breaks causes burn out.

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