Lajuana Ezzard awarded hero status for going “over and beyond the call of duty” for Coretta Scott King students

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APS employees continue to gain recognition for their amazing work in our schools.  The north region’s  Coretta Scott King Middle School (CSK) media specialist LaJuana Ezzard has used her vision and her dedication to children to enhance the educational experience for the young ladies at CSK . Symetra, Sun Trust and the Atlanta Falcons have taken notice, and last month they named Ezzard a “Symetra Hero in the Classroom.”

Media Specialist Lajuana Ezzard is one of 16 educators
CSK Middle School Media Specialist and Communications Ambassador Lajuana Ezzard is one of 16 K-12 educators in Georgia to be honored for educational excellence as part of the 2013 Symetra Heroes in the Classroom program.

In addition to her duties as the school’s media specialist, Ezzard serves as the CSK Middle School communications ambassador — a role that requires Ezzard to maintain the school website, keep CSK stakeholders informed, and publicize good news about CSK and the CSK students. Although effectively managing these jobs demands a heightened level of efficiency, drive and dedication, it is Ezzard’s work outside of these roles — the “over and beyond” — that prompted CSK Middle School Principal, Dr. Dione Simon, and CSK teacher, Sharon James, to nominate Ezzard for the Symetra Heroes in the Classroom award.

Ezzard stays busy facilitating CSK’s programs, and she even uses her weekends and summers to provide  additional  opportunities for the CSK students. She has created programs that expose the CSK girls to different cultures, and taken them on outings at  top-notch restaurants, the ballet and social events to help them build life skills.

And it doesn’t end there.  Ezzard’s CSK colleague, Sharon James, stated, “She has brought many influential people to the school to mentor and speak to students about topics that will affect their lives.” James beleives the programs Ezzard has created and the events she coordinates for the CSK students give them access to opportunities that are generally not accessible to them.

CSK Middle School Principal Dr. Dione Simon first met Ezzard three years ago, and says from that moment Ezzard has always gone “above and beyond the call of duty.”

CSK Middle School Principal, Dr. Dione Simon
Symetra, the Atlanta Falcons and Sun Trust Bank honor Ezzard, third from left, with the Heroes in the classroom award during a surprise in-school presentation in front of  CSK Middle School students and staff.

“Ms. Ezzard gets students involved in civic opportunities that help them realize the importance of service, and she ensures that they have mentors who support them in their quest for excellence. I am most grateful for her outstanding work within our school and community. I am confident that our girls’ lives have been enhanced because of what she does each and every day for them.”

Ezzard is one of 16 K–12 educators in Georgia who will be honored for educational excellence in the Symetra Heroes in the Classroom program during the 2013 NFL season. The award recognizes teachers at surprise in-school presentations in front of their students and peers. Winners receive tickets to a Falcons home game, a $1,000 donation for classroom supplies, AND they are acknowledged during an on-field presentation at the Georgia Dome. Ezzard was recognized at the Oct. 7 Falcons game against the New York Jets.

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