Future entrepreneurs celebrate Market Day at Thomasville Heights

Thomasville Heights’ entrepreneurs of the future received the opportunity to put their innovation and expertise to work by participating in Market Day at Thomasville Heights Elementary School.

Market Day was a culminating event for the fifth grade economics curriculum. As a part of the curriculum, fifth grade students were exposed to a wealth of information including real-world economic events, such as the government shutdown crisis and local neighborhood business successes and failures from consumer perspectives. During Market Day students were challenged to create their own businesses using their own resources. Students also experienced working as vendors at Thomasville Heights’ Market Day as they sold their products and/or services for a day.

On Market Day the fifth grade hall was transformed into a marketplace with lines of vendor tables and presentations. Students sold a variety of services and products ranging from desserts and hair supplies, to music lessons and sports lessons. Students not only provided products and services to the consumers who attended the event, but they also had signage, inviting presentations, and full business plans on display.

Student vendors were completely prepared, having full knowledge of their products and services.

“Our students have gained a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience,” said Mrs. Turner, a fifth grade teacher and the Market Day coordinator at Thomasville Heights. “Moreover, I can envision that this learning experience will propel my students to think about their future businesses. For that, I am extremely proud.”

When consumers arrived to Market Day they were excited to find an array of businesses and services to choose from and, more importantly, the students provided fantastic service to their customers.

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