Parkside Elementary: Falcons Rise Up Friday School of the Week

Parkside Elementary has been selected as a Rise Up Friday School of the Week.

Parkside Elementary School was recently selected as the Rise Up Friday School of the Week for showcasing Falcons spirit. Freddie Falcon and the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders used wellness promoting activities to reward students who have arrived to school on time everyday this year.

The school was selected for Falcons School of the Week by submitting photos online displaying Falcons spirit.  The Parkside students provided photos that included images of the Parkside can-a-thon, which resulted in  931 pounds of food donations for the local homeless community and student drawings of the “Dirty Bird” displayed at the school.

Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders teach Parkside students how to cheer on the Falcons.

“Parkside was rising up to attend school everyday on time; rising up to feed the hungry; rising up to fight obesity; and we’re rising up throughout the school and associating all of that with the Falcons,” said Armelia Braddy, Parkside cheerleading coach. “The rise up concept has created this positive enthusiasm with the students, and we’re going to continue throughout the year.”

Students engage in wellness activities with Freddie Falcon



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