Ruqiyah Mukarram is Valedictorian at Carver School of Health Sciences & Research

Ruqiyah Mukarram has enjoyed her time as a student at Carver School of Health Sciences and Research.

She attributes most of her success to her family; her teacher, Coach Book; school counselor, Ms. Cooper and principal, Dr. Jones. Together, they helped Ruqiya build a platform that has kept her successful in everything she has done. Ruqiyah is most proud of Embodi, her mentoring program for young disadvantaged boys. Embodi strives to decrease dropout rates of underprivileged males in her neighborhood.

Ruqiyah is a Gates Millennium Scholar, a Brumley-GRAD Scholar, a Zell Miller Scholar and has received offers from Notre Dame University, UGA, Benedict College and Alabama State University among others.

She plans to attend Bard College this fall and become a Neurosurgeon.

All APS commencement exercises will be available for online viewing via live stream by visiting and clicking on a specific school.

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