LIVE BLOG: Board of Education Monthly Meeting, October 6, 2014

Thank you for following our live blog of the AOctober 6, 2014 Board of Education  Meeting for Atlanta Public Schools.

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The meeting will begin soon.  Tonight we will update the live blog with highlights from the Committee of the Whole and Legislative Meetings.  We will blog public comment from the community meeting if time permits.

Tonight marks the fourth meeting for the district’s new superintendent, Dr. Meria Carstarphen.

Supporting documents for the following presentations are located below.

Dr. Meria J. Carstarphen, Superintendent (15 minutes)

  • District Strategic Planning Process

Angela Smith, Special Assistant to the Superintendent (30 Minutes)

  • School System Operating Models and Flexibility Options Advisory Recommendation to the Administration

William Caritj, Chief Accountability and Information Officer (20 minutes)

Pamela Hall, Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Teacher and Leader Appraisal/Merit Pay

Larry Hoskins, Chief Operating Officer (20 minutes)

  • Middle School Configuration for North Atlanta Cluster

Chuck Burbridge, Chief Financial Officer (15 minutes)

  • FY 2015 General Fund Monthly Financial Update Overview
CLICK HERE to download today’s Committee of the Whole agenda.
4:28pm – Board has entered into executive session.
6:08pm – Board has returned from executive session.
 Community Meeting:
Community member:  MJHS parent thanks APS and Larry Hoskins for timely response to maintenance and building issues at Jackson High.  Speaks about the replacement of the field house for students.
Community member:  Intown Charter parent invites the community to get to know more about the school.
Matt Underwood, Principal of ANCS:  Thanks BOE for allowing the chef of ANCS to provide dinner prior to the meeting.
Community member:  I want to make sure that as we prepare for the operating model, that we do not leave out the least of these.  This week is a week of action. We are asking that APS considers a moratorium on suspensions.  We should look at using some of our surplus properties as justice centers.  When we suspend them now, we suspend them to the streets.  As we go into our cluster models and we go into our vertical alignment, we want to see you consider the needs of the clusters and the solutions proposed.  You need a fair and equitable way to hear from all members of the community.
Community member:  The decision to choose whether we will be an IE2 system, charter system, etc is the result of work by the Georgia Legislature.  The school district should always inform parents about any decisions that will affect their children.  Those who are choosing an operating model should look at the district’s strengths and weaknesses.
Community member:  Every child in APS has the right to a sound and equitable education.  Parents believe this was a rushed decision and you had little consideration of the negative effect it will have on our children.  It is time to figure out how to reduce the class size.  I am for school choice.  I am not for one choice.  Stop shoving aside the needs of the majority of the needs of our children.
Community member:  Dr. Carstarphen, let me start off by thanking you for coming and celebrating 90 years of history at BTWHS this year.  My first point is safety and security at BTWHS.  We used to have 4 hall monitors and they were taken away.  I feel that we need those 4 monitors back.  There are safety issues right outside the school.  The next issue I want to discuss is the custodial staff contracted out to the school.  Someone needs to look into this contract.
Community partner:  Discusses commitment of the farm to school program in APS and announces the district’s latest award, the Golden Radish Award.
6:44pm End of public comment.  The Legislative meeting will now begin.
Watch October 6, 2014 Board of Education Meeting on @livestream:
This ends our live blog for tonight.

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