APS Students to be Honored at Georgia Institute of Technology Game Tonight

Inman Middle School students Safia Read and Annie Laster will be honored at the Georgia Institute of Techonology and University of Alabama’s game, Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 at 7 pm for winning Georgia Institute of Technology’s Jacket 2 Jacket reading program.

The Jacket 2 Jacket month long reading program, sponsored by the Georgia Institute of Technology women’s basketball team and Georgia United Credit Union, recognizes top student readers from kindergarten to the eighth grade in the metro Atlanta area. This program is committed to promoting and encouraging children to learn through reading. To find out more information or how to apply, go here.

Not only were Read and Laster recognized at Inman for reading the most pages in their school, but Inman Middle School was recognized as an overall Jacket 2 Jacket winner, reading over 470,000 pages collectively.



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  1. Joe laster

    You spelled the 6th grade jacket 2 jacket award winner’s name wrong in the press release. Her name is Annie Laster.

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