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Schools Throughout the District Celebrate Black History Month


Mason Muhammad Royal portrays famed scientist and inventor Dr. George Washington Carver in the Continental Colony Elementary School Black History Wax Museum.


The auditorium at Continental Colony Elementary School was transformed into an interactive, African American “wax museum” last week, as nearly 50 students posed as famous and influential African Americans in history.

The event is part of the school’s Black History Month celebration during the month of February. Continental Colony Principal Dr. Kristen Vaughn said the school always goes all out to pay homage to the great African American leaders and events of the past.

“Our school population is 98 percent African American. It is important for us to relate our history to our students,” Vaughn said. “If we don’t tell our stories, then who will? Also, we find that many of our parents learn a great deal from our programs and displays, and so it is good to know that we are educating the community as well.”


Tylar Woods portrays Atlanta’s first female mayor Shirley Franklin at the Continental Colony Elementary School Black History Wax Museum.

In the wax museum, students took on the persona of individuals such as Louis Latimer (scientist, inventor), Hosea Williams (civil rights leader), Andrew Young (former Atlanta mayor and Secretary to the United Nations), Sarah Boone (inventor of the ironing board), Mary McCloud Bethune (educator, stateswoman and civil rights leader) and Sojourner Truth (abolitionist and women’s rights advocate). Visitors pressed a “button” located on the hand of the statues/students, which caused them to move and quote interesting facts about the characters they were portraying.

The top winner/performer in the wax museum was Jade Evans for her portrayal of Sarah Boone. Other students receiving awards for their portrayals were Kayla Sanders as Mary McCloud Bethune, Serena Booker as Serena Williams, Christian Murray as Andrew Young, Kevin Rose at Hosea Williams, and Jayla Graham as Sojourner Truth.


Zaire Parris portrays brilliant scientist and inventor Louis Latimer at the Continental Colony Elementary School Black History Wax Museum.

Additionally, Continental Colony is continuing its annual tradition of decorating its entire foyer with homages to African American history.

Here are several other Black History Month celebrations occurring throughout Atlanta Public Schools (in chronological order):

Forrest Hill Academy | February 1-28
Students are filming a documentary titled “What Black History Means to Me.”

Grady High School | February 1-28
Teachers are incorporating African-American history facts throughout the curriculum, and a date for the annual Black history play is being developed.

Morningside Elementary School | February 1-28
Reading quotes or brief bios on morning announcements and on the school’s daily message board; Kindergarten does a unit of study on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and creates hallway bulletin boards in his honor; Kindergarten and first-grade students are being taught a song about Dr. King and will read “Martin’s Big Words”; Books related to African-American history and heroes are on display in the media center; Fifth graders will analyze quotes by Dr. King as an ELA assignment.

South Atlanta High School | February 1-28
Black history facts are broadcasted over the public address system during the day.

Morris Brandon Elementary School  | February 3-28
First Street: Students are invited to research an African American who was the “first” African American to achieve a specific accomplishment. The student will create a poster detailing the individual and his/her accomplishment. The posters will be on display in the school’s “First Street” exhibit.

Mary Lin Elementary School/Inman Middle School | February 11
Psi Phi Beta Step Team performs at the monthly “SPARK Saturday” at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. This month’s “SPARK Saturday” event teaches youth about African American culture through rhythm and movement, and illustrates how today’s music and dance movements are inspired by African traditions.

Whitefoord Elementary School | February 16
(Grades 3-5) Guest speaker Nettie Washington-Douglass, great, great granddaughter of Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass.

Young Middle School | February 20-24
“Celebrating Black History in Atlanta”: A series of performances and guest speakers throughout the week.

Bunche Middle School | February 23
“Sankofa – Go Back and Get It.” Performing arts performances featuring dance, drama and chorus.

Long Middle School | February 23
“Remember the Times”: Thematic, living timeline created by students, highlighting moments in African-American history.

Benteen Elementary School | February 24
Essay competition and family movie night.

Brown Middle School | February 24
“Sankofa”:The annual Black History Program (sankofa translates to “recovering or retrieving the past”).

Scott Elementary School | February 24
“Lift Every Voice”: The annual performing arts program for Pre-K through fifth grade.

Whitefoord Elementary School | February 24
Black History Bowl

Continental Colony Elementary School | February 28
Pantherville Poetry Café.

Hope Hill Elementary School | February 28
Annual Black History program.

West Manor Elementary School| February 28
Annual African-American history program.

Whitefoord Elementary School| February 28
Black History Performing Arts Program.









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Former Continental Colony Elementary Student Writes Books with SEL in Mind




Marian Davis, a former student at Continental Colony Elementary School, has created a series of books which focus on various aspects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Recently, Davis held a book signing event at her old elementary school.

Long before her home school district – Atlanta Public Schools – decided to adopt the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) concept as a way to improve school culture, Marian Davis knew all about its benefits.

First as a psychology major at Clemson University, and then during her work in the social services field, Davis – who attended Continental Colony Elementary, Brown Middle and Grady High Schools – became a fan of SEL, so much so that she created a series of children’s books, “Chicken and Pickle,” to reinforce SEL and its principals:  self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

The books chronicle the adventures of “Chicken,” who Davis said is around “grade-school age,” and his dog “Pickle,” and feature interactive activities to help young readers learn and comprehend the lessons.

— “Smile Anyway” is about overcoming obstacles.

— “Make a New Friend” is about sharing, empathy and respecting personal space.

— “Meet Uncle Bean from Town McMean” is about having good manners and showing gratitude.

— “Get a Baby” is about getting a new sibling.

— “Sometimes We Scream” is about dealing with anger properly.

“The activities are complementary resources that are ready made for teachers to use in the classroom,” Davis said. “The books cover every competency in SEL.”

“While working in therapeutic and supportive services for children, I saw the need to help our communities create environments that will grow our curious children into emotionally and socially balanced adults,” Davis said. “This series is meant to help us become more intuitive to our children’s varying emotional states as well as our own.”


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South Central Georgia Drifters Read to Students at Beecher Hills and Continental Colony Elementary Schools

Drifters at Beecher Hills (Cheryl Collier)

Headline News producer Cheryl Collier (left) and Christina Collier (right) read to students at Beecher Hills Elementary as part of a literacy initiative of the South Central Georgia chapter of The Drifters, Inc.

By Seth Coleman

Members of the South Central Georgia chapter of The Drifters, Inc., and a legion of volunteers read to students at Beecher Hills and Continental Colony Elementary School this week, in honor of National Reading Month.

Drifters at Beecher Hills (Crystal Jones, Kwanza Hall)

Beecher Hills Principal Crystal Jones (middle) poses with Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall and others during “Reading Across the Curriculum,” a literacy initiative coordinated by the South Central Georgia chapter of The Drifters, Inc.

Drifters at Beecher Hills (Brock Mayers)

Morehouse College administrator Brock Mayers read to students at Continental Colony Elementary as part of a literacy initiative of the South Central Georgia chapter of The Drifters, Inc.










The Drifters, Inc. is a female community service organization founded in the 1950s. In keeping with its long term commitment to advocacy for children, The Drifter’s South Central Georgia chapter organized a two-day read-in event called “Reading Across the Curriculum” as a way to stress the importance of literacy in the community.

Along with members of The Drifters, other volunteer readers included Atlanta City Council member Kwanza Hall, Morehouse College administrator Brock Mayers, CBS46 Chief Meteorologist Jim Kosek, Headline News producer and President of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists Cheryl Collier, Georgia Public Broadcasting anchor Deidre Johnson, and actresses Jasmine Burke, Danielle Deadwyler, and Dawn Halfkenny.


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Student Spotlight of the Week

frtizName: Fritz Joseph

Grade: Pre-K

School: Continental Colony Elementary

Fritz Joseph is a Pre-K student at Continental Colony Elementary School of C. H.O.I.C.E.  He enjoys listening to music, dancing, reading and exploring on the computer and his teacher’s iPad. Fritz’s favorite subject in school is music because he enjoys playing with the various instruments in class with his friends. He also enjoys learning with his peers and participating in hand-on-activities.  Fritz is very active and likes to move around.

“Fritz is a phenomenal student,” says Christopher Strozier, Fritz’s teacher.  “He follows directions and lends a hand to his classmates.  In class Fritz loves to receive stickers and prizes for a job well done.”

At the beginning of the year Fritz was selected as the Student of the Month for August.  Three goals Fritz has mastered this year are identifying his colors, numbers and shapes.  He has exceeded in all areas. Fritz’s teacher also describes him as a developing leader. He exemplifies leadership qualities daily by leading the line throughout the building from the classroom to the cafeteria and opening doors for others.  He is also a representative on the Student Government Association.

Outside of school Fritz is involved in his church.  His ultimate goal in life is to be successful and become a college graduate.

Atlanta Public Schools hopes to cultivate more students like Fritz through its Pre-K programs. APS has 34 school sites, including Continental Colony, with 41 classes that serve more than 850 students in the traditional Pre-K program. In all, APS serves approximately 1,050 early education students, including 3- and 4-year-olds who have special needs and attend an APS Pre-K classroom.

Cleveland-Zackariya BeasleyName: Zackariya Beasley

Grade: 5th Grade

School: Cleveland Avenue Elementary

Zackariya is an active young-lady-in-training as part of the Just Be Beautiful, Inc.  girls mentoring organization under the mentorship of Rita Simmons, who is also her gifted and talent-development teacher. Last school year, she enjoyed the weekly afterschool sessions where girls discussed a variety of topics including etiquette, character, friendship, health, cleanliness and other topics of interest.

“Zackariya is a young lady of great integrity and positive character. She embodies the very essence of great work ethics. Zackariya is self motivated and extremely responsible. She is an excellent representation for Just Be Beautiful, Inc. Girls Mentoring Organization,” Rita Simmons states.

For the past two years, Zackariya has been a student in the Gifted and Talent-Development Program at her school. As part of their economics unit,  students in the class created a business.  Zackariya created Kara’s Parties during her first year, and Parties 4 U the following year, in partnership with a few classmates for the Student Entrepreneur Business Showcase. Students were required to create their own business cards, logo, motto, decorations, and provide their own products to sell. The event was held in the school gymnasium, and students were invited to attend and purchase products from the budding entrepreneurs.

“I learned how to create a business plan, how to manage a business and student employees, and how to sell products and make a profit,” Zackariya says.  She is looking forward to the Gifted and Talent-Development field trip in November to Orlando, Florida, where she will learn about marine biology.

Zackariya enjoys running in her free time, and her favorite subjects are math and reading. She hopes to become a teacher in the future because she enjoys helping her teacher with tasks, such as monitoring the classroom behavior chart. Zackariya’s teacher, Kimberly Lawrence, sums her up in one statement, “She’s like Channel 2 News – ‘dedicated, determined, and dependable.’”

Inman-KaiName: Kai Mahra

Grade: 6th Grade

School: Inman Middle

Kai is an 11-year-old sixth-grade student at Inman Middle School.  His favorite subject is science, and he enjoys all of his other subjects as well.  One of his favorite hobbies is reading, and his favorite book series is “The Maze Runner” trilogy.

Sixth-grade English language arts teacher Mary Elizabeth Todd says, “Kai is a hard-working, creative and witty student who gets along well with peers, and is very likable.”

Kai is an athletic student, and plays tennis and soccer with the Inter Atlanta F.C. Blues. “I cannot wait until basketball season starts,” Kai says. He is passionate about music, and plays the trumpet in the Inman sixth- grade band and both school jazz bands.

A frequent traveler, Kai has visited various areas in the U.S. and numerous countries, including India, Japan, Thailand, Europe and South America.  He hopes to eventually travel to all seven continents.  Although Kai is allergic to dairy and nuts, he likes to cook and learns cooking skills from his mom.

“My favorite foods are pasta, buffalo wings and bacon,” he says.

Kai is a talented, active and creative student who displays great behavior at school, and is a great example to everyone around him.

Name:   Jordan Boswell  Student Spotlight_Jordan Boswell_Garden Hills 2013

Grade:   4th

School:  Garden Hills Elementary

Jordan Boswell is new to Garden Hills , but he has already decided that the expansive school media center is one of his favorite places.  The large windows and decorative walls inside the media center are alluring and inviting, and make it the perfect get-away for avid readers like Jordan.

The fourth-grader loves settling down with a good book, like his favorite read, “Charlie Bone and the Castle.”  In fact, Jordan says he prefers spending his spare time reading more than watching television.

Incidentally, his life is probably just as intriguing as any book on the library shelves.  For starters, Jordan, like his mother, was born in Ethiopia, and has dual citizenship.  His grandmother – an American – traveled from the U.S. to Ethiopia as part of an expedition, and two generations later, Jordan entered the world.  Although he was very young when he left Ethiopia, Jordan still remembers living in the family’s mud house, a standard type of dwelling in the African nation.

Jordan is number eight in a lineup of nine children .  He says he is happy he belongs to such a large family, because visiting them allows him to travel all over the country.  Of all the places he travels, Jordan likes visiting Chicago and Detroit the most, because he enjoys the snowy winters .  In addition to playing in the snow and building snow angels, a trip up north in the winter allows Jordan to do one of his favorite things:  join his siblings as they load into a canoe and race down the snow-covered hills.

Robbie Brown, Jordan’s teacher, calls him “an excellent student”; that’s good, because in order to succeed at his career goals, nothing short of excellence will do.  Jordan’s grandmother, mother and uncle are physicians, and he wants to follow in their footsteps and become a doctor or brain surgeon when he grows up.  Then again, since his father plays professional football, Jordan says a career in the NFL is another appealing possibility.

Brown says Jordan is an “inquirer,” and “he likes to learn new things.”  Whether he’s suiting up for surgery, or charging down the gridiron, these traits will certainly serve this impressive student well.

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APS Library Media Specialist of The Year

sylvia1Atlanta Public Schools would like to congratulate the first APS Media Specialist of the Year, Mrs. Sylvia Pierce from Continental Colony Elementary School.

The Georgia Library Media Association (GLMA) and Georgia Association of Instructional Technology (GAIT) co-sponsor the Georgia School Library Media Specialist of the Year award to recognize K-12 library media specialists whose services have resulted in exemplary library media programs.

In October, Sylvia Pierce presented library books to parents, students and teachers to use with the Georgia Common Core Math Standards. She took a group of Challenge students to see Dan Gutman, the 2012 Milner Award Recipient, at the Georgia World Congress Center on November 13, 2012, and in January she accompanied the Continental Colony Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team in their competition against Drew Charter Elementary School.

Each school system may select one library media specialist for this award. From those chosen for the school system level award, one media specialist is selected as the district (regional) Library Media Specialist of the Year.  Each of the nine districts represents a different region of Georgia. The state Library Media Specialist of the Year is chosen from the district winners and will be announced the Georgia Council of Media Organizations conference (GaCOMO) in October.sylvia3

Also, the nine district winners, along with their enablers, will be recognized and presented awards at GaCOMO. For more information on the award please visit the GLMA and GAIT websites at and  Congratulations Mrs. Sylvia Pierce!

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Student Wellness Ambassadors Leadership Academy


On Saturday, March 16, 2013, students representing 14 Atlanta Public Schools attended the 4th Annual Student Wellness Ambassadors (SWA) Leadership Academy.  This event was held in conjunction with the Center Helping Obesity In Children End Successfully (C.H.O.I.C.E.S) Children’s Expo at the Adamsville Recreation Center. Focusing on the theme, “Fitness for the fun of it,” students participated in activities promoting healthy living by visiting vendor nutrition exhibits, racing in team relays, and dancing to the infamous “Let’s Move!” slide.

Featured speakers included Councilman C. T. Martin and Dr. Patricia Harris, Director of Fulton County Health Department, who shared the importance of developing healthy habits early on. Students from Mays and Therrell earned community service volunteer hours for assisting during the event. Students from Parkside, Coretta Scott King and Mays were featured as speakers on the program.

The APS Schools represented were:

Parkside, Garden Hills, Cont. Colony, Miles, Fickett, Cascade, Heritage, Hutchinson, Thomasville Heights, Scott, Peyton Forest, Young, Coretta Scott King, Bunche


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Student Spotlight of the Week

Name: Trevion Thomaston 

Grade: 4th Grade

School: Continental Colony Elementary 

Trevion is a 4th grade student at Continental Colony Elementary School of C. H.O.I.C.E. He enjoys playing football and basketball with his friends after school. He also enjoys creating presentations and being challenged. Trevion’s favorite subjects are math and science because he enjoys subjects that allow him to conduct extensive research and think critically.

“Trevion is a very exceptional student,” says Angela Barnes, Trevion’s teacher.  “He always pushes himself to excel in anything he sets out to do.”

At the beginning of the year Trevion and his teacher set a goal for him to have straight A’s by the end of the 1st nine weeks. Each afternoon, while preparing for dismissal, Trevion would always have his book open as he read a passage or started his homework.  Not only did Trevion accomplish his goal, but he exceeded it by making Principal’s List and joining the Glee Club. He was also nominated to run for an SGA office at his school.

Trevion’s teachers also describe him as a self-motivator, and his motivation is contagious. Trevion encourages his classmates to work hard, and he cheers when someone is successful.

“He is full of life,” Ms. Barnes explains. “He loves to make others happy, he is very helpful, he enjoys learning, but most importantly he likes to share his knowledge with others.”

Name: Nikhel Krishna

Grade: 4th Grade

School: Springdale Park Elementary

How many 4th graders know how to create a website? Nikhel not only knows how, but is an International award-winner for his talent. His website submission passed the APS Student Media Festival, went onto the Georgia Student Media Festival, and won at the International Student Media Festival (ISMF) for Excellence in Media Production and Judges’ Favorite. The site was originally created for his Composer project in Music class, where he chose to focus on Reinhold Gliere, because his teacher said it would be a challenge.

“I had a lot of fun with it,” says Nikhel. “I’m happy about the award, but I’m happier about my website because it makes me feel really accomplished.” Nikhel created the website through Google, with a little support from his parents. He will have the honor of presenting his project at the Festival in Louisville, KY in the beginning of November. His goal is to be a computer programmer like his father, and prefers to work for Apple because he likes their products and designs.

Apart from his recent achievement, Nikhel is a challenge student who excels in all of his subjects. He enjoys learning new things, and math is his favorite subject. His hobbies include baseball, soccer, and traveling to India. With a bright mind, strong skillset, studious habits, and a great smile, Nikhel Krishna is a winner in every way!
Click to view Nikhel’s website.

Name: Stephanie Ngaujah

Grade: 5th Grade

School: Hutchinson Elementary

Stephanie is a spry aspiring writer and singer. She has written a play called “The Living Color” and she is preparing to have it performed at her school. She enjoys writing dramas and sometimes likes writing comedies. She has been inspired by the Broadway hit musical “Fela!” which chronicles the life and music of Nigerian Afropop superstar Fela Kuti. Stephanie is also a singer and her favorite artists are Christina Aguilera and Adele. Her favorite subject in school is social studies as it gives her perspective on past events and how they relate to the present. Stephanie spends a good amount of time reading and writing and wants to be an attorney in the future. “I want to be a lawyer because I like helping people,” says Stephanie.

“There’s so much to be said about Stephanie. One of the things I noticed about her is her persistence. She wanted to make an appointment with me on several occasions because of her desire to start a drama club. After meeting with her, Stephanie did all the legwork to make the drama club happen. She had her team of children that wanted to be in the drama club, her efforts and leadership excite me. She wants to be a lawyer and I can see Stephanie being anything she wants to be and with her persistence, she will be a great lawyer,” says Principal Shuanta Broadway.  “Stephanie shines. It is not enough for her just to be good. She has to be the best at whatever she decides to do. Stephanie loves the show ‘Glee’ and she is like the main character Rachel on that show. Just the epitome of drive, perfection and wanting to be the best singer-student we have here at Hutchinson,“ says Cassell Gray, general music teacher.

“She goes above and beyond,” exclaims Mr. Gray. “It’s a blessing to have a student like her. The writing and musical caliber that she carries, it’s an honor for me to be her teacher.”

Name: Kamal Hughes 

Grade: 9th Grade

School: B.E.S.T. Academy High School

To say that Kamal Hughes is smart would be a gross understatement.    The B.E.S.T. Academy freshman is enrolled in all honors classes, including AP biology—a class generally reserved for upper-classmen, and throughout his academic career his report cards have only featured the letter ‘A.’

Furthermore, the profound depth of his thoughts and his sheer knowledge of human nature, how the world works, and all things academic give the ninth grader an air of being wise beyond his years.

Kamal, an aspiring pediatrician, attributes a portion of his brilliance to genetics and a portion to hard work.  Surprisingly, however, he attributes most of it to his excellent memory.

“It’s more memory than anything,”  Kamal says. “Memory is the foundation.”

“I remember what I read and what I hear and see in class.  I remember the explanations and examples from the book, then I figure out how to work out a problem.  After that, I just remember the process and repeat it on tests.

“Whenever I first learn something–a person’s name, a definition, anything–I make a conscience effort to tell myself whether or not it’s something I need to remember.  I believe most people can do the same thing if they really try; if you can remember rap songs and sports stats, you can remember something from class.”

What is the hardest class Kamal has ever taken?

“AP Biology,” he replies, interrupting before the full question is asked.

“Let’s just get that out of the way,” he says with a sly smile.   “It- is- hard.”

Kamal’s AP Biology teacher, LaShonda Parker, believes that in addition to the intensity and rigor of the class, the class is challenging for Kamal because he skipped ninth grade biology and moved right into AP biology.  But according to Parker, students like Kamal learn very quickly without missing a beat.

“Kamal works very hard, and it shows in his grades,” says Parker.  “He has the second highest average in the class–a 94,” she adds.

Kamal’s thirst for knowledge continues to impresses Parker.

“He likes to know why things work the way they do, and once he discovers the answer, he always wants to know more,” she says.

She adds that Kamal’s constant quest for answers and solutions has left him with a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share.  Consequently, Parker allows Kamal to assist in teaching the AP Biology class.

Of course, all work and no play would make Kamal something close to an actual scientist, and not a teenager.  So in his spare time he plays basketball, football and video games.  And since he is very active on social media, he is quick to invite anyone interested in learning more about him to follow him on Twitter.

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