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STEM and STEAM Citywide Town Hall Meeting on April 23, 2015


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South Atlanta High School partners with Best Buy to introduce students to careers in STEM

by Britney Morgan, Office of Communications

As a part of Teen Tech Week, volunteers from Best Buy will host an Hour of Code workshop in the South Atlanta High School media center on March 11, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. The workshop will help students with their digital literacy skills and introduce them to the basics of coding.

South Atlanta was one of 11 sites nationwide chosen to host this event. Shanna Miles, media specialist at South Atlanta,spearheaded the partnership and says that this is a great opportunity for APS students. “We’re partnering with Best Buy to introduce our students to opportunities in the STEM fields. Many students of color and girls are under-represented in the field. By exposing them early on, we may be able to spark an interest that blooms into a future career,” said Miles.

According to US News & World Report, STEM employment growth is outpacing the general economy by about 300 percent. STEM careers include jobs such as video game development and robotics. See a list of some of the coolest STEM jobs listed in the 10 Amazingly Cool STEM Jobs from

For more information about Teen Tech Week visit  Also,visit to learn how your school can participate in Hour of Code.

2015 TTW_Flyer Final-page-001

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Usher-Collier Elementary students participate in the 2nd annual Georgia STEM Day


Usher-Collier Elementary hosted STEM Day program activities for the 2014 2nd annual Georgia STEM Day earlier this spring. The activities consisted of both a STEM CAREER DAY and their end of the year Engineering Design Challenge.

STEM professionals from all over the Atlanta metro area visited Usher-Collier Elementary to speak to students about what it’s like to be a STEM career professional.

STEM Career Day professional participants included an engineer from the United States Army, Apple and Microsoft technicians, a local funeral home director, budget director and 3D printing specialist.

In addition to the STEM Career Day, students participated in their end of the year Engineering Design Challenge. Students, all grade levels, were charged with the task to create the tallest freestanding structure that could support a marshmallow using only raw spaghetti pasta, tape, and a string with an eighteen-minute window of time.

Amazingly, many of the students were able to meet the challenge by working together in teams, using their imagination and creativity while following the engineering process to build their structures.

In the true mission of STEM, Usher-Collier Elementary shared their love of the initiative by reaching out to other elementary schools in the district and invited them to a whimsical day of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Usher-Collier hosted thirty students and four educators from surrounding elementary schools who have an interest in STEM.

Students who visited the school rotated through four stations learning a different STEM lesson at each stop. Stations included, the i-Movie station, science lab, 3D station, and the astrological engineering station.  Students learned how to create movies, weather instruments and 3D products. They were also given a real world problem that challenged them to build a spaceship with shock absorbers that would safely land two astronauts on planet Mars.

Usher-Collier future scientists and engineers were fascinated with the exposure they received and were left truly motivated to seek more knowledge and skills as it relates to STEM.

See video from STEM Day below.


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Successful STEM Day at Fickett Elementary School

Students at Fickett Elementary School participated in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Day with each grade level engaging in hands-on construction projects.

The focus was on the technology and engineering of STEM. Through class discussions, students learned that technology is anything that helps humans solve problems, whether it is an object, system or process.

In addition, they answered questions such as “What Do Engineers Do?” and “What Are the Steps in the Engineering Design Process?”

Papillion Little, the STEM coordinator at Fickett, stated that “STEM projects help students make science and technology connections to real-life situations.”

STEM Day at Fickett ES Feb. 21 2014 from Veronica Miller on Vimeo.

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Register Now for the 2014 APS Technology Fair

APS Technology Fair

The 2014 Atlanta Public Schools Technology Fair will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at Atlanta Technical College located at 1560 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, Georgia, 30310. The Atlanta Public Schools Technology Fair affords students the opportunity to present technology projects to the community and district partners.

If you know a student who would be interested in participating, please encourage them to register by the Dec. 20th deadline.

The tech fair will feature hands-on exhibits demonstrating current and emerging technologies from industry leaders. This event exposes students in grades 3-12 to real-world science and technology applications and will inspire them to pursue careers in these areas.

Students in grades 3-12 are eligible to participate in the competition.  Additionally, first place winners will also participate in the 2014 State Technology Fair.

There may be up to two people on a team for each project, but teams and individuals compete against each other within each grade level grouping.

Students must be registered according to their current grade level, but their project may be placed in a higher grade classification if on a team with an older student. Students entering as a team must compete at the grade level of the higher grade of the two team members. Any student on a team, regardless of grade, may compete at a higher grade level but never at a lower grade level.

This year, the Georgia Educational Technology Fair is thrilled to announce two new categories: Game Design and Mobile Apps.  Both categories will be open to all grades 3-12 in the same groupings as the other categories, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, & 11-12.  The State Technology Fair Committee is hopeful that these new categories will help students embrace the digital world of the 21st century.
Other 2014 Technology Fair categories include:

3D Modeling

Animated Graphic Design

Digital Photography

Digital Video Production

Game Design 

Hardware (Grades 7-12 only)

Mobile Apps 

Multimedia Applications

Non-Animated Graphic Design

Non-Multimedia Applications

Project Programming


Web 2.0 Internet Applications

Please refer to the links below for additional information:

Tech Fair Logo

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Morningside virtual fieldtrip to Georgia Tech


Fourth graders at Morningside Elementary School and scientists at a Georgia Tech biology lab recently interacted with each other during an activity designed to support a study on animal adaptations. Under the auspices of a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Dr. Warren Matthews from Georgia Tech’s Information Technology office provided Morningside with a 55” LCD monitor and conferencing software. The monitor and software allowed the Morningside students to view and speak to researchers in Dr. Todd Streelman’s laboratory.

Dr. Streelman, a Morningside parent, discussed his research on the varied adaptations that have occurred in the Lake Malawi cichlid fish population in East Africa. By asking thoughtful questions and making intelligent observations, the fourth graders demonstrated a formidable grasp of the concept of adaptation. Streelman and fourth- grade teachers Jon Bookspun and Kristen Duncan will collaborate throughout the school year so the students can have more opportunities to experience this new addition to Morningside’s technology.

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Students ignite a passion for science at Price Middle


IGNITE participants meet to prepare for an exciting day of science and technology.

The IBM Corporation and  Price Middle School have cultivated a rewarding partnership over the past six years. Through the partnership, IBM employees offer various opportunities for Price students to explore science and technology.

IBM employees recently held an IGNITE  (Igniting Interest in Technology and Engineering) technology academy for seventh and eighth grade boys at Price.

This year, sixteen young men were invited to participate in the IGNITE Technology Academy. During the workshop students learned how to program robots, create marble launchers, debug computer programs and re-build computers.

Last year, participants traveled to the Highlands IBM building and performed engineering tasks alongside engineers in various departments.

Last year, participants traveled to the Highlands IBM building and performed engineering tasks alongside engineers in various departments.

IBM believes the program will help to mold future engineers and scientists who can problem solve and think analytically. Throughout the academy the participants are exposed to many STEM standards. Additionally, the academy also focuses on college and career readiness, a component of the district’s Common Core Standards.

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