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APS Restructures High Schools for Improved Quality and Efficiency

Therrell Auditorium

Atlanta Public Schools Restructures High Schools for Improved Quality and Efficiency

District to consolidate Small Schools

APS will consolidate the small schools within four its high schools to improve quality and efficiency. The New Schools at Carver, South Atlanta and D.M. Therrell high schools will be consolidated. The district also will merge the middle and high schools at each of its single gender schools—B.E.S.T. Academy at Benjamin S. Carson and Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

“It is our mission to ensure that all students are ready for college and career,” said Dr. Carlton Jenkins, chief academic officer for APS. “Restructuring the small schools at our high schools will enable all students to gain exposure to a wide variety of college and career support without regard to school theme. Students will benefit from expanded course offerings and streamlined academic programs that will enable increased flexibility in master scheduling so that all students can meet their four-year graduation plans with fewer scheduling constraints. We are particularly excited about increasing the number of students in Carver Early College.”

On Monday, April 13, the Atlanta Board of Education voted to consolidate the small schools at Carver School of the Arts and Carver School of Technology, South Atlanta, and to formally close the small schools at D.M. Therrell. Students in those schools will remain on their respective campuses and will be assigned to Carver or Carver Early College, South Atlanta comprehensive or D.M. Therrell comprehensive high schools. The board also voted to merge the middle and high schools at both B.E.S.T. Academy at Benjamin S. Carson and Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy, where the respective middle and high schools will be consolidated into 6-12 academies at each of the single-gender schools.

Schools will receive a transition year during the 2015-2016 school year whereby one principal will be assigned to lead the schools of South Atlanta High School of Computer Animation and Design, South Atlanta Law and Social Justice and South Atlanta Health and Medical Sciences. At Carver one principal will lead Carver Early College, which will include the students from the former School of Technology. One principal will lead the new consolidated Carver high school. D.M. Therrell received a transition year for 2014-2015 and will formally close its small schools at the end of this academic year. The State Board of Education is expected to consider an APS waiver request to have one principal at South Atlanta and two principals at Carver during its next scheduled meeting in May.

In 2014, APS began the work of consolidating Booker T. Washington and D.M. Therrell high schools. Carver and South Atlanta high schools are the only remaining campuses with small schools. Consolidating the small schools will help APS to build stronger schools to ensure there are consistent, high-quality academics and focused programming across the district. Students will benefit from a rigorous curriculum with expanded course options, aligned course offerings and enrichment programs.

In March, the district held public hearings on the future of the high school small-schools model and invited the public to discuss and provide stakeholder input on the closure and consolidations.

The public had at least two opportunities to offer comments during public hearings for each of the impacted schools. These sessions were a forum for parents, students, employees and the broader community to discuss the future direction of the district’s high schools.

Implementation of a strong school culture with a common vision and purpose is not currently offered in small school structures. The transition will strengthen the sense of community through establishing an aligned parent teacher association and local school council structure to support the schools. Restructuring the small school model will provide for aligned staffing, academic resources, and teacher professional development to ensure that all student needs are met.

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One America College and Career Event

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 8.53.14 AM

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Making Your Vote Count at Carver!


Seniors at The New Schools at Carver recently registered to vote and learned the importance of making their vote count in today’s society.

The ‘Making Your Vote Count’ event was an excellent way to prepare students for the upcoming City of Atlanta general election on November 5, 2013.

Students practiced casting their ballot on mock voting machines, much like City of Atlanta voters will soon do as they head to the polls to vote for key offices including Mayor, City Council President and the Atlanta Board of Education

Mr. Frederick Huff of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections spoke to the students about exercising their right to vote. Students were encouraged to learn about current issues and have a voice in the governance of their local, state and national communities.

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Giving Point recognizes the Carver Graduates of 2013

Carver2013GivingPointGivingPoint recently congratulated the 2013 Graduates of Carver High School. The Schools at Carver had 32 students earning 100 hours or more and with 18 students earning Service Cords. Together, they logged 6,800 service hours and created a $51,000 charitable community impact. Great work, Carver!


2013 Carver graduate and Gates Millennium Scholar Demarquez Grissom and Giving Point’s Nyaboke Machini


Carver SHSR 2013 Valedictorian Avante Lowe


Carver SHSR Salutatorian and Gates Millennium Scholar Jori Mitchell with Giving Point’s Nyaboke Manchini

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Carver High School is a top GivingPoint school

Ansley Colby, CEO of GivingPoint (left) Dr. Darian Jones, Principal of The New Schools at Carver HSR (right)

GivingPoint is a nationwide community-based youth development organization started in 2009 that inspires a passion for learning and service through cutting edge technology resources, virtual educational modules, and hands on volunteer opportunities.

Students at The New Schools at Carver have participated in GivingPoint to log their volunteer hours, compose projects, apply for grants which go towards school dues, proms, etc. and help the students network and make great scholastic, travel and professional connections. Students at Carver have traveled abroad and have started their own non-profit organizations through GivingPoint. The students are given a great opportunity to become young social entrepreneurs through logging in their community services hours and fundraising for community service projects they create with GivingPoint.

Ansley Colby, CEO of GivingPoint: “Through working with Dr. Darian Jones (Principal of Carver HSR) and through his leadership, GivingPoint is fully in partnership with Carver and the kids have done a great job of volunteering over 200 hours just in the last two months. I have to brag about Dr. Jones. GivingPoint was started three years ago. We attended a meeting in which we asked for the names of some principals who really cared about their students, who wanted to get their students more involved in the community and wanted to use GivingPoint to help their students develop their character, develop their civic resumes, and use their experiences to get into college. Dr. Jones was at the meeting and he immediately raised his hand and said ‘I want this. I want for my kids. We are going to do great things together with this.’ He truly, truly cares about these children and works with us to make sure they have great experiences through GivingPoint.”

Dr. Darian Jones, Principal Carver HSR: “GivingPoint is a great program. The thing I love about it is it really ties our kids into service oriented projects, which we know helps our students realize the value of doing good things for others before the reward comes to themselves. At Carver through GivingPoint, we go beyond the standard 75 hours required which is very powerful when we are applying for Gates and other scholarships. Our kids over the past three to four graduating classes have received a considerable amount of Gates Scholarships and it’s largely due to their community service hours and service learning hours.”

Nyaboke Manchini, Director at GivingPoint: “The kids at Carver are definitely my favorite. They are always ready for any community service. There are two gardens here that they have worked very hard on. They’ve helped coordinate, dig, plant, even when it was 100 degrees outside. So they are very helpful and they always love to get online, blog about their experiences, some have went to China and had great experiences. I just learned about a student who spent a year in Senegal. It’s amazing. These opportunities they have that I never had when I was in high school. They are just taking full advantage of them.”

  • Students who participated in service-learning activities in high school were 22% more likely to graduate from college than those who did not participate.
  • Research shows that students who participated in service-learning scored higher in reading and science achievement than students who didn’t participate in service-learning.
  • 77% of students in service-learning programs say that service-learning had a big effect on motivating them to work hard.

Congratulations on all the hard work, efforts and positive results from the students and faculty at The Carver High Schools and GivingPoint! 

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Schools from APS advance in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Congratulations to Morris Brandon, Centennial Place, Garden Hills, Parkside, D.H. Stanton, Toomer, Beecher Hills, and Drew Charter elementary schools for their outstanding performance in the fourth-annual APS Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl this last weekend. As the highest-scoring teams, Parkside and Morris Brandon will proceed to the Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl on Saturday, Feb. 5.

Parkside and Morris Brandon will be accompanied by a team from Sutton and Parks middle schools and a team from The New Schools at Carver and Douglass high schools.

Thanks to all the coaches, parents, and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to the students, and best of luck at the Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl. For more information on the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, please visit here. Hat tip to APS Media Coordinator Warren Goetzel.

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APS basketball team earns runner-up honors at Special Olympics’ Indoor Winter Games

Atlanta Public Schools’ Warriors basketball team earned second place and a silver medal during the recent Special Olympics’ State Indoor Winter Games in Marietta. With only seven players on the roster, the Warriors didn’t have much time to rest, and yet they made it to the final round.

In that final game, against a team from DeKalb County, APS trailed by only two points for most of the game, and ended up short, 26-22. “It was very exciting!” said Regina Gennaro, APS’ liaison for the Special Olympics out of the Program for Exceptional Children. “This was only our second year participating in a state event where we finished very quickly last year. We made a huge improvement this year!”

The APS team consists of North Atlanta High students Kirby Broughton, Carrie Crayton (the team’s only female), Travis Greene, Robert Perdue, Jermaine Russell and Aquinas Tolan, and Joe Woodward from The New Schools at Carver. (Another North Atlanta student, Mike Hightower, missed the game due to an injury.) Coaches are North Atlanta’s Lisa Oglesby and Nic Hill.

Some interesting notes from the tournament, after the jump …


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